Faces of Right To Counsel

 These stories bring human faces and circumstances to the epidemic of evictions we face in our City and to the difference #RTCNYC would make.

Randy Dillard, Bronx Tenant



Martin Hernandez, Queens Tenant



Gotoku Mochimaru, Manhattan Tenant


Ms. V., Brooklyn Tenant

Beverly Creighton, Bronx Tenant


Gaudencio Acateco, Queens Resident


Chris Borden, Manhattan Resident

Luis Cardoso, Williamsburg Resident

Emmanuel Yousef, Bronx Resident

Marta Sabio, Queens Resident

Carmen Vega-Rivera, Bronx Resident 


Ms. V., Brooklyn Resident


Marlene, Manhattan Resident


Donald Reilly, Manhattan Resident


Formerly Homeless Bronx Resident

Megan Norton, Manhattan Resident