Here Are NYC's Top 20 Worst Evictors

Today, we are releasing the list of the top 20 landlords who evicted the most tenants in 2018. We put this Worst Evictors List and interactive map together with our friends at JustFix.NYC and the Anti-Eviction Mapping Project to show how these landlords use both eviction and the threat of eviction to displace tenants.

Many of these landlords are routine offenders that the city allows to continue their unjust practices. For example, Ved Parkash, #2 on the list, sues more tenants in housing court than families he houses. Over a 2.5 year period, there were 449 more filings issued than families housed in the buildings he owns. 

Tenant leader with Community Action for Safe Apartments (CASA) in the Bronx, Carmen Vega-Rivera says:

"Landlords use their power to take tenants to court repeatedly in order to wear them out with the intention of displacing them. This has happened to me numerous times and for many years. Housing court condones this behavior and harassment tactic by slapping the landlord on their wrist and allowing them to continuously bring back the same tenants to court under false pretenses. This practice must stop!"

The release of the list comes one week before our “People’s Tribunal on Evictions,” where roles will be reversed as tenants use a mock housing court to make their case against their landlords. The event will feature tenants of the Worst Evictors testifying about the housing injustices they face both in and out of housing court.

If you are fighting an eviction, you are not alone. We hope you will attend our Tribunal to stand in solidarity with the tenants who will be testifying against their landlords, and we invite you to speak out as well. RSVP here to attend now.  

See you next Tuesday!