Join the Call for A Statewide Eviction Moratorium

As we all know, New York State is in the middle of a public health crisis. Each passing day, more and more people are at risk of contracting COVID-19. This crisis disproportionately affects New Yorkers who face homelessness or day-to-day housing insecurity.  This population is at a higher risk of being exposed to the virus, becoming ill, and suffering catastrophic health outcomes. New Yorkers are facing loss of income as we are either forced or voluntarily decide to stay home from work to protect our health. As the public is urged to avoid public spaces, small businesses are facing a similar loss of income -- a problem made worse by xenophobia against immigrant-owned businesses in particular.

If more New Yorkers are evicted in the coming days and weeks, COVID-19 could start to spread more rapidly. Our city and state cannot let that nightmare become a reality. San Francisco and San Jose are currently considering a moratorium on COVID-19 related evictions. We urge you to join us in the call to expand on their example and demand that New York lead the nation by issuing a moratorium on all evictions in the face of COVID-19 - a massive public health crisis that is hitting New York harder than most other states in the country.  To drag the most vulnerable New Yorkers into Housing Court, against the advice of public health professionals, adds the cruel insult of a severe health-risk to the injury of eviction.

Evictions and homelessness significantly worsen the threat posed by COVID-19. In order to halt widespread displacement from our homes, our jobs, or our businesses which would only worsen the current situation, we are calling on Governor Cuomo and Chief Judge Janet DiFiore to immediately freeze rents and institute a moratorium on all evictions in New York State.  Please add your name to our petition, and let Governor Andrew Cuomo know that you stand with our most vulnerable residents in this moment of crisis.

Sign Our Petition to the Governor Here

Stand with us in this crisis, in order to stop preventable illness and displacement, and freeze all evictions in New York.