Thank you for making our hearing powerful!

Thank you for making our voice at City Council's public hearing yesterday so powerful! 

After more than 7 hours of testimony, close to 80 people testified in support of our bills to expand the Right to Counsel! We made sure our voices were heard in various forms—our #ExpandRTC hashtag even trended on Twitter!

The testimonies were diverse, moving and powerful.  Senior advocates, disability advocates, veteran advocates, judges, immigration advocates,  health experts, union leaders, the city bar association, legal services organizations, housing policy experts, faith leaders, judges, non profit landlords, and dozens of tenants from across the city testified!  We even had a panel of organizers, lawyers and tenant leaders from Boston, Newark and Philadelphia who testified about the importance of NYC leading the nation.
Whether you spoke at the hearing, came out to show support, or got the word out on social media, together we all made sure that the city heard loud and clear that we need to end evictions! 

To top it all off, the Community Service Society released a report yesterday finding that evictions are down 29% in zip codes where RTC is currently in effect and recommending that the city expand this important right! Read the report here.

Make sure to also check out this powerful piece by The City, an op-ed by DC 37, and all the other press coverage of the hearing here

If you weren't able to make it, you can check out these livestreams of the press conference and hearing (find and click the "Video" button).

Now, make sure to sign and share our petition to keep the pressure up!